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Songmont’s mission is to craft high quality and practical women's bags with modern designs, for the better balance of life and work. “Song” from the brand name is the founder’s name, and “mont” as the short for “mountain” stands for brand values— born from pines under the mountain and bring warmth to our carriers.

Song Collection

SONGMONT'S signature Song Collection are bags designed to be carried with you through all stages and all places of your life’s adventures.

Reset Collection

Inspired by the beauty of oriental work of art, the design of the Reset collection redefines the structure of traditional handbags and creates a unique shape that inherits timeless style and elevates classic aesthetics. 

Chocolate Collection

Inspired by the sweet, soft and creamy texture of chocolateAsymmetry seams introduce a unique geometric aesthetic while its European sponge-composite calf leather, invokes the rich molten taste of chocolate.

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