Brand Story

Owners profile



Songmont was founded in 2013 as an independent designer brand focusing on leather goods creativity. Prior to starting Songmont, the founder, Song, spent 10 years working with Google, specializing in User Experience Design. Co-founder Mr. Wang, is an Associate Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and is also as a senior graphic designer. The Songmont headquarters is based in Beijing while also operating divisions in Guangdong and Shanxi.






Back in 2013, Song suffered from postpartum depression due to working pressure after she had her first baby. That was how Song identified a gap in the market. She started designing functional and fashionable bags for working women, simply because she could not find one. Soon after, the Songmont was established with a small production team of average 60-year-old crafts ladies based in Song’s hometown of Shanxi, the China's folk handicraft capital. Her mother, Ms. Fu, led this group of women.




Name inspiration



Song’s name in Chinese character means “Pines under the mountain”, both of which make up the heart of Chinese culture. The brand’s name “Songmont” was inspired accordingly, where “Song” as pinyin stands for “pines” and “mont” represents the Latin word “Mountain”.



Brand concept



For almost 8 years, Songmont has developed a team which includes creative young designers. Combining both the old and young generation, traditional Chinese handicrafts and modern fashion trends, Songmont conveys a unique eastern culture, aesthetics and femininity through its premium leather goods to its audience.