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Tote Bags


    Our tote bags are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. Meticulously crafted with a focus on both functionality and style, these tote bags not only accommodate your essential items but also enhance your day-to-day experiences. They are the ideal companions for outings, ensuring you carry everything you need while making a fashionable statement.

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    Variety of Colors
    Color choice is central to personal expression, and Songmont delivers this beautifully. The Drippy Tote Bags radiate in hues from deep Onyx to rich Caramel, whereas the Mont Totes present a more focused selection, with Nightfall and Dawn, offering an option for every taste.

    Top Quality Materials
    Songmont tote bags are made with top-notch materials for both comfort and toughness. From the soft suede and strong leather in our Drippy Tote Bags to the modern synthetic leather in our Mont Totes, we’ve got style and durability covered. All bags feature durable hardware that maintains its luster over time.

    Flexible Straps for Your Comfort
    Songmont tote bags offer you the freedom to carry them your way. Most of our tote bags have adjustable straps, allowing you to carry them in your hand, on your shoulder, or across your body. Whether it's a Drippy Tote or a Mont Tote, you can customize the carrying style to suit your comfort and occasion.

    Tough and Tidy
    Songmont tote bags come with metal feet to keep the bottom clean and scratch-free. Inside, you’ll find a quality lining that complements the bag's durable exterior. The suede and leather Drippy Totes have leather pockets inside, while the Mont Totes are lined with soft fabric to keep your things safe and snug. These bags are beautiful and durable, inside and out.

    Spacious and Foldable
    Songmont tote bags are ideal for the tech-savvy and well-organized person. Need to carry your laptop? The Large Drippy Tote and Large Mont Tote offer plenty of room. They come with convenient pockets for easy access to your phone and essentials. When not in use, our Mont Totes can be folded up easily, saving space and making them even more travel-friendly.