Luna Collection

Luna Collection

    4 ways to carry, one second to change the shape of the bag

    Our Luna Bags showcase the extraordinary art of leather. Choose the classic Luna Bag, where the texture of full-grain top-layer cowhide leather complements your temperament, or the Large Luna Bag, featuring supple nappa leather of high quality. For those who want to be eco-friendly without sacrificing quality, our Vegan Leather Luna Bags offer sustainable elegance.

    Timeless Elegance
    Crafted with full-grain top-layer cowhide leather, the Luna bag becomes even more beautiful with use. The luster that develops over time tells a unique story of elegance. Choose a Luna bag and watch it transform into a personalized treasure with use.

    Perfect Proportions
    From the sophisticated Small Luna Bag to the classic medium style to the spacious Large Luna Bag, we've designed a variety of sizes to fit your lifestyle. Each bag balances ample storage with lightweight construction, providing the ultimate in portable luxury.

    Innovative Hardware Design
    The Luna Bag's hardware is made of stainless steel, vacuum-electroplated to resist fading. Inspired by the ancient mortise and tenon structure, the hardware design is both practical and culturally rich.

    Varied Shapes
    Designed with flexibility in mind, the Luna Bag can be worn in two shapes and four ways. Carry it by hand, on the shoulder, or across the body to suit your styling needs. The versatility of the Luna Bag demonstrates how one piece can meet a variety of needs in a stylish and elegant way.

    Sustainable Style
    Making a positive impact has never been more fashionable. Our Vegan Leather Luna Bags redefine sustainability by upcycling ocean waste into elegant faux leather. It's not just a fashion statement; it's a commitment to the environment.