Leather Care

All of our leathers are chosen with the greatest attention. We work with the best tanneries in Europe to offer the most elegant leathers. Any possible irregularity present on the leather is not a defect but simply because it is a natural material. Moreover, Leather is a porous, natural material and consequently it can absorb smells such as perfume or smoke, you can be packed in newspaper, which is porous and will absorb the smell.


Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

- Never wash your leather bag in the washing machine.

 -Keep cosmetics inside a pouch or small case. Cap all pens and anything that might leak on the leather.

- Avoid cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine or other mineral spirits. We recommend Will Leather Care products, specially formulated to extend the life and preserve the natural beauty of the leather.

- Store leather bags properly when not in use; keep out of direct sunlight and in low humidity as sunlight fades and dries leather.

- If leather gets wet, absorb as much water as possible with a thick hand towel and then air dry.