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Songmont has always been invested in exploring the intimate connection between humanity and the natural world, placing environmental preservation at the heart of our growth strategies. 

Drawing inspiration from the symbiotic relationship we share with nature - a benefactor from which we derive resources, a healer that soothes our spirits, and a sanctuary to which we owe our stewardship - we have crafted our premier eco-friendly leather bag. 

This special bag, made from recycled ocean waste, shows our promise to give back to nature and underlines our commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious fashion.

Songmont eco-friendly leather bags

「 Saving Our Seas with Sustainable Style 」

Not long ago, we were startled into reality by the United Nations Environment Programme. Their assessment of marine litter and plastic pollution was nothing short of a wake-up call for humanity: by 2040, we will witness an almost threefold surge in plastic pollution pouring into our oceans.   To truly grasp the gravity of this situation, imagine a truck filled with plastic waste being dumped into the ocean every single second.
captivating allure of the seaside

Many of us have been lucky enough to experience the captivating allure of the seaside – its gentle breezes, lapping waves, and tranquil serenity. Yet, increasingly, these moments of peace are marred by the sight of plastic debris tarnishing the shores and the knowledge of unseen pollution beneath the water's surface. 

As lovers of the natural world and ocean enthusiasts, we cannot stand by and allow this progression toward environmental catastrophe.

This is where Songmont's innovation in eco-friendly leather comes in. We've found a way to intersect style with sustainability. Our environmentally friendly leather bags aren't just chic and durable. They're a tangible testament to our determination to mitigate marine pollution. 


A discarded plastic bottle, once a symbol of careless consumption, is given a new lease on life as it becomes a part of our eco-friendly leather bags. Every bag purchased is not only a step towards more sustainable fashion choices but also a direct contribution to reducing marine pollution. 

Each piece of eco-friendly leather is a statement, a pledge to our oceans, a promise of a better tomorrow.  

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「 Breathing New Life into Waste 」

Marine litter, an out-of-sight menace, is a growing environmental challenge that we simply can't afford to ignore. This detritus, originating from various human activities, either ends up categorized as degradable or non-degradable, depending on its potential to break down naturally over time. 

If unclassified, these materials often turn into marine flotsam, aimlessly floating and posing a severe threat to our oceanic ecosystems.

The majority of marine litter is composed of plastic due to its widespread use and poor disposal practices. Non-degradable materials like plastic present an immense challenge as they resist natural decomposition, persisting in our oceans for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. This non-degradable litter can entangle or be ingested by marine animals, disrupt habitats, and even find its way into our food chain, posing a threat to human health.

The scale of the problem is staggering, with billions of pounds of trash finding its way into the ocean each year. Yet, it's not just the volume but also the pervasiveness of this pollution. From our most frequented beaches to the remotest corners of our oceans, no area remains untouched by the tendrils of marine litter.


「 Transforming Marine Litter: An Opportunity 」

However, as daunting as this challenge may seem, it also offers an opportunity. By innovatively repurposing this non-degradable marine litter, we can transform it into valuable materials.  Upcycling, for example, involves converting these discarded materials into a higher-value product, such as eco-friendly leather.  

Using advanced technology and carefully refined methods, at Songmont we transform these non-reducible materials into recyclable and reusable faux leather.

This process both reduces the impact of environmental pollution and propels the critical cycle of recycling and reuse into a more sustainable future. Every piece of eco-friendly leather in our collections is a testament to this transformational journey. What was once a piece of non-degradable marine litter, hazardous and abandoned, now finds itself as an integral part of an elegant, functional, and environmentally conscious accessory.

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「 What Is Eco-Friendly Leather? A Closer Look 」

Eco-friendly leather represents a dynamic shift in how we perceive and produce one of the most widely used materials in the fashion industry.

Animal leather production involves an energy-intensive process that typically uses harmful chemicals and contributes significantly to environmental degradation. In contrast, vegan leather takes a sustainable approach both in terms of its source material and the process by which it's made.

Primarily, eco-friendly leather is sourced from low-impact or recycled materials, reducing its environmental footprint.

In the case of leather produced from upcycled marine litter, for example, the sourcing process itself contributes to the cleanup of our oceans. This innovative approach transforms harmful waste into a durable and versatile material, ready to be crafted into beautiful products without further straining our natural resources.

The production process for eco-friendly leather also takes sustainability into account. Unlike traditional leather production, which uses toxic chemicals and large amounts of water, eco-friendly leather manufacturing employs cleaner, safer methods. These might involve using natural dyes, reducing energy consumption, and recycling water, all of which help to limit the process's overall environmental impact.

But the commitment to sustainability doesn't end with production.

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「 Sustainability Beyond Production 」

Eco-friendly leather products are designed to be long-lasting, reduce the churn of fast fashion and promote a more circular economy. They can often be repaired or recycled at the end of their life, further enhancing their environmental credentials.

If you are trying to understand better “what is eco-friendly leather,” in essence, eco-friendly leather exemplifies how innovation can align with environmental stewardship, transforming a once pollutant-intensive industry into a paragon of sustainable fashion. It showcases that style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but can coexist and thrive together, ushering in a new era of responsible fashion.

Songmont eco-friendly leather


With Songmont's eco-friendly leather bags’ collections, you become a part of the solution, not the problem. You give trash a new purpose and support the protection of our seas. And in doing so, we start to rewrite our relationship with the oceans, shaping a future where the beauty of the seaside is restored and respected rather than damaged and discarded.