What to Expect in 2024: The Six Most Popular Bag Colors

In 2024, bag colors are becoming more expressive than ever. Songmont’s bags have six standout color trends that effortlessly complement any look. Your bag is an essential accessory with subtle details that can make a difference to everyday styling. From timeless elegant black to attention-grabbing red, these color trends are easy to love and even easier to incorporate into your daily fashion.

Black Bags: Your Go-To for Any Occasion

Black bags are the perfect pick for anyone looking to combine style and practicality. They are adaptable, always in vogue, and suitable for any occasion, whether it’s for work or travel.

Luna Shoulder Bag 
One bag, four shapes, multiple options to carry - by hand, over the shoulder, or cross-body.

Drippy Roof Shoulder Bag 
Two side pockets provide quick access to small items.

Medium Song Bucket Bag 
This bag is soft but not easily deformable and holds a lot of space.

White Bags: Clean Lines, Easy Style

White bags can dress up casual clothes or add a modern touch to formal clothes. They are becoming one of our main products because they are easy to match and always look neat and polished.

Mini Song Bucket Bag
With a soft but not easily deformable body, this bag is both functional and stylish.

Small Luna Shoulder Bag 
The Small Luna Bag, specially designed for parties and gatherings, is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your summer outfits.

Small Chocolate Crossbody Bag 
The leather is light and soft and very healing to the touch.

Earth Tone Bags: Laid-Back Looks, Natural Moods

In 2024, the allure of earth-toned bags is undeniable, and Songmont perfectly captures this trend. Picking out your bag is like choosing your favorite landscape – early morning light, a delicious bar of chocolate, or cold grey pebbles on the beach. Our earth-tone bags are perfect for every atmosphere and occasion.

Small Icon Satchel Bag 
Soft and comfortable for human comfort.

Small Song Bucket Bag 
The bag blends softness and structure, ensuring comfort while keeping an elegant shape.

Medium Reset Tofu Bag 
Beautifully styled, solid, and smooth to the touch.

Green Bags: Keep It Fresh and Fun

Green is the most popular element in fashion today. It’s as if everyone is craving the energy of life and the scent of nature. And why not? Green bags are fresh, vibrant and bring a touch of nature to any look.

Large Drippy Tote Bag 
This bag has a novel shape and a large capacity.

Deep Blue Bags: Denim Days, Denim Ways

Deep blue denim is hugely popular this year. Why does everyone love it? Because it’s tough, beautiful, and goes with almost everything you wear. It’s a timeless trend and a solid choice for people who want their style to be both practical and on point.

Large Shan Briefcase 
Lightweight and textured, with a buckle that opens and closes in a second.

Small Shan Satchel Bag
The bag is compact but has a large capacity, making it convenient for your travels.

Red Bags: Bold Moves and Good Times

Exuding energy and positivity, red bags make a bold statement of joy and are the perfect combination of practicality and style. Wondering how these vibrant bags brighten up your day and your closet? Read on to find out about red bags that not only make an impression, but also lift spirits. 

Medium Reset Tofu Bag 
Medium Reset Tofu Bag in Lucky Red brings style and fortune to your life with its vibrant and unique color.

Luna Shoulder Bag 
Enhance your style with the Luna Bag in vibrant red. This striking hue exudes confidence and elegance, perfect for making a statement at any event.

Mini Song Bucket Bag
With a soft but not easily deformable body, this bag is a perfect touch of sophistication for the sunny seasons.