The Story of Grannies

The first bag of Songmont was handcrafted by Ms. Yulan Fu, Song's mother. She is a skilled artisan with 40 years of sewing experience. Song wanted a practical yet stylish laptop bag that was not available in the market. This bag not only marked the beginning of Songmont but also embodied a mother's love for her daughter. Later, Ms. Fu gathered a group of skilled grannies, with an average age of 65 and rich handicraft skills, in their hometown, a small village, and opened a small workshop.
Song's First Bag
These grannies are traditional artisans specializing in various crafts, such as making traditional Chinese baby tiger hats, embroidery, and traditional Chinese cotton jackets. Due to the rapid development of industrialization, many traditional crafts have been gradually replaced by machines, and the products made by these grannies were no longer in demand. However, Songmont's small workshop allowed them to rediscover their passion and pass on their experience to the next generation.
Yulan, aged 69
Song's mother
Ping Wa, aged 55
Bag Pattern Maker
Su, aged 66
Expert in leather bag restoration
During the early stages of entrepreneurship, the grannies' team made it possible for Songmont to establish itself with their own hands. Ms. Fu was in charge of pattern making, and the bag's lining was adorned with embroidered patterns on Chinese silk. The embroidery patterns, which were originally underestimated, became warm and beloved bags in the hands of the grannies. This not only embodies our brand philosophy of warmth within the bag but also represents a cultural heritage.
The grandmothers infused the spirit of their hardworking, simple, and passionate into the brand and spread their love to customers around the world through the products. As the brand grew, the grandmothers gradually transitioned from frontline work to repair work.
Songmont believes that a good bag can cure people, just like how it once rekindled the grannies' passion for life. Songmont hopes to convey this warmth and care to you through our products, curing you.