Unveiling Songmont's New Vision: A Deep Dive Into Brand Upgrade & Redesign

As a brand revered for its blend of sophistication and contemporary style, we are thrilled to introduce our refreshed brand vision to our dedicated audience. In this article, we’ll delve into our thoughtful journey redesign and upgrade, shedding light on our strategic evolution.

Our brand vision has always been a testament to our commitment to aesthetic excellence, innovative design, and customer satisfaction. As we took strides toward this visual transformation, we held onto the heart of what makes Songmont a special entity in the marketplace. We preserved our rich legacy while breathing in fresh, invigorating energy into our brand identity.


「 Embarking On a Brand Redesign Journey 」

Ever since its inception, Songmont has consistently drawn upon the warmth exuded by "carry your cure" and the powerful emotional resonance conveyed through "self-awareness and nature." Our guiding beacon has always been a restrained design, serving as a significant clue within our product logic and broadening the horizons of everyday life imagination.

As part of our recent brand redesign, we've reimagined our new logo to manifest a more contemporary and simplistic aesthetic. This crucial process was more than just a visual transformation. It was a comprehensive journey that allowed us to scrutinize and refine our brand identity to mirror our vision statement even more closely.

In our journey of brand evolution, we've ventured beyond the surface, delving deep into the core of our brand values and aesthetics. The objective was not just to enhance the external appeal but also to strengthen the inherent essence that sets Songmont apart. This strategic process of upgrading acted as an introspective exercise, enabling us to align our brand elements harmoniously with our vision, values, and overarching business strategy.

In essence, this brand redesign journey was and is an exciting chapter in Songmont's ongoing narrative, a step towards unifying and reinforcing our brand vision and identity. As we continue our journey, we're more excited than ever to share this transformation and the values it embodies with our customers, fulfilling our promise of delivering an enriching experience every day.


「 Embracing The Brand Mood And Aesthetic 」


The new Songmont brand vision statement is not just about logos and color palettes — it's about the mood and brand values we want to express. Our brand mood is communicated visually through the use of natural textures and negative spaces in our photography, conveying our self-aware and natural theme.


As a customer-centric company, our goal is to create an emotional connection with our target audience, positioning Songmont not just as a bag brand but as a lifestyle choice.


「 Transforming Offline Stores 」

Our offline stores are extensions of the Songmont brand body. These spaces provide an irreplaceable user experience, allowing our customers to engage with our brand on a deeper level.

At present, we have four offline stores that encapsulate our brand's core values and mission. Each store is designed to offer a complete visual experience, with nature and time's natural texture as our inspiration.


「 Looking Towards The Future With a Clear Brand Vision 」 

Our upgrade signifies more than just a change in aesthetics. It represents our brand mission and a clear vision statement of our future goals. It serves to inspire employees and resonate with our customers.

We aim to ensure our brand vision clicks with our target audience, fostering a strong emotional connection and loyalty towards the brand.

Our brand vision is our compass, directing our brand strategy and influencing every aspect of our business, from product design to mission statement. It defines who we are as a brand, our core values, and how we want to impact the world.

The journey of Songmont's brand redesign and upgrade is an exciting evolution. As we progress, we remain committed to delivering high-quality products, reinforcing our brand values, and creating an enhanced user experience, both online and offline.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and evolve, staying true to our brand vision while striving for continual innovation in all we do.