Jamie Chung: Seeing the Spirit of Womanhood

「Carry your cure. Anywhere. Anytime」

 “Jamie is the perfect representative for the Song collection because she is an actress, a content creator, a wife, a mom and herself. She is all of them at the same time. It reminds me of myself when I first started the brand. I was in need of a perfect bag that I can wear anywhere and anytime. I am glad that Jamie loves the collection and we finally made the perfect bag for her and women like her”.

- Song Fu, Songmont Founder


  • Song:     What does being elegant mean to you?

  • Jamie:    Being elegant to me means feeling confident, being kind, being engaged and present.


        • Song:    If you can only name three design styles you love the most? What would they be? 

        • Jamie:    Timeless, structured, and agender. 


        • Song:    We talk about the texture of clothes, handbags, and artwork all the time. What would you imagine as the "texture of life"? 

        • Jamie:   Texture of life is layered and intricate. Some layers are smooth and others are textured, maybe prickly. The texture of life consists of hundreds of thousands of pieces of fabric and materials that represent chapters in life, It's like Songmont's bag, carrying it through different stages of life, life, growth, failure.  


        • Song:    What do you love about the Song collection and why do you think it resonates with you or your styles?

        • Jamie:   I love the design of these bags because it’s functional yet has an organic feel, it’s sleek and a timeless design. The interior bag/organizer is my favorite element to the bag. In addition, Song Bag has a large capacity and is very versatile. Due to the nature of my work, I need to switch between different roles throughout the day. The Song Bag meet all my needs, saving me much time from coordinating outfits, and I don't have to worry about not having enough space for items I need.


        • Song:   What’s your interpretation /version of Songmont's philosophy, carry your cure?

        • Jamie:    Good things can cure people's hearts, just like Songmont's bag. I have been using it recently, the design is very thoughtful, because you know I switch many scenes every day, it saves my time and I am able to deal with various occasions at ease. And Songmont is a brand created by novice mothers and mothers of hers. It has the nature of a touching story and always makes me feel related and warm. The more you use the bag, the more textures you will notice. It's like to always have your best friend for company.