Brand & Business Values



The brand values femininity, creativity, craftsmanship and user-friendliness

The business focuses on transparency, inheritance, humanity and sustainability.



  • Femininity



Based on her own experience, Song shows her great love and support for women and maternity. Song’s working bags also made her own life easier and more enjoyable, therefore we understand the reason why “Bags can inspire” women. 



  • International leather supplier



The raw materials of Songmont’s leather goods are sourced from numerous European and North American fine leather suppliers, including Tanneries HAAS, Perlinger Leder and GR Italy. Songmont aims to work on an increasingly transparent supply chain, which enables customers to trace.



  • Social sustainability



Song’s business also boosts more employments of production in the small town of Shanxi, contributing to the nation’s social development. The company provides a well-established ethical stance to ensure welfare and healthy working conditions for its elderly employees.



  • World-class Production



Whilst maintaining handmade production, the brand also partners with leading global manufacturers in one of the world’s leather goods capitals - Guangzhou. The main suppliers include Hongmei, Kairun and Huayuan, as these organisations meet the company’s code of ethics and conduct.


  • Environmental sustainability



Songmont is deeply concerned about the environmental stress caused by fashion industry. Showing the deep love for the mother earth, Songmont applies a slow fashion design concept by encouraging its guests to buy less with using more. Songmont’s leathers are biodegradable and all bags are provided with free maintenance to extend their life cycle, currently within China.



  • Cultural inheritance



Many unique Chinese elements can be seen in the design, such as traditional embroidery, Chinese Zodiac, intricate weaving and wonton culture. The mission is to inherit many traditional crafts by promoting it to the Millennial market and ensuring their longevity by training the next generation of craftsmen mainly employed from less developed villages. Songmont aims to rebuild respect and admiration of the nation’s time-honored history and cultural heritage from a contemporary view among young generations and international guests.