Songmont X Lu Yuxiao


Boldness in Every Step: Feel confident to embark on a new adventure with a carry-all bag


In a world that constantly challenges us to be our best selves, the power of boldness cannot be underestimated. It's the courage to take that first step, the determination to push through obstacles, and the confidence to stand tall in the face of adversity.




At Songmont, we believe that this bold spirit is encapsulated in the design and functionality of our Shan Collection - the 'Oversized Bag' is not only accessory but also a spiritual necessity. It can contain frustration, dissatisfaction, confusion, as well as joy, composure, and determination. 'Boldness' is a new beginning, the courage to accept oneself, and the confidence to say goodbye to past hesitations.




This time, hand in hand with actress Lu Yuxiao, we set off with Songmont's Oversized Bag, to explore the true form of courage and the inner answers that make us more determined. Lu Yuxiao, originally a overseas student and not a professional actress, bravely stepped out of her comfort zone to become a rising female performer. Still remembering her first time facing the camera, Lu Yuxiao felt sensitive, fearful, and lost. She ultimately chose to embrace courage, overcome pressure, and finally believe that she is the character itself. She mentioned that Songmont's bag brought her courage and became a faithful companion on her journey of self-exploration and understanding the world. When facing the unknown, Lu Yuxiao's courage and the design philosophy of Songmont's Shan Collection coincide naturally, packing confusion and baggage into a larger, lighter bag, freely journeying towards the mountains.
The Shan Briefcase carried by Lu Yuxiao is specially designed for free travel. The Shan Collection is created for freedom, empowering us with the courage to explore freely. The inspiration behind the design of this collection bag's body comes from the ancient monks' use of book boxes, using bamboo strips as frames, combined with fabric to create the body.
It is not as heavy as hard luggage, yet maintains a certain structural strength. The edges of the Shan Collection Bags are reinforced with European calf leather, enhancing the bag's load-bearing capacity. The gaps between the leather strips allow for easy carrying of clothes or umbrellas.




The metal hardware of the Mountain Series is inspired by the book fastening buckles in the monks' scripture bag, using leather straps threaded through metal buckles adorned with totems to bind the scrolls of books.



The hardware is made of jewelry-grade vacuum-plated metal, polished repeatedly for a seamless and secure opening and closing experience at the bag's mouth, ensuring comfort and safety.






The fabric is made of denim and herringbone canvas, with a single-layer construction that is lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and suitable for outdoor activities.




The bag is versatile, with a spacious interior, a back pocket for mobile phones, and a compartment for a notebook computer. Additionally, the luggage handle strap at the back can be securely connected to a carry-on suitcase.




With the companionship of the Songmont Large Bag, step boldly into the vast expanse with the confidence and self-awareness it holds. Embark on a fearless journey with Songmont, where the large bag carries courage, and behind it lies the determination to forge ahead fearlessly. Embrace the power of the large bag and let it guide you towards your boldest dreams.


With the Songmont's Big Bag, use the confidence and self-awareness contained within to bravely head towards open lands. Move boldly forward with Songmont, the Big Bag carries courage, and behind it is the determination to move forward fearlessly. Embrace the power of the Big Bag, let it take you to your boldest dreams.