Songmont X Kaitlynn Carter

Songmont is thrilled to collaborate with Katelyn Carter, launching a special edition Chocolate Collection.

Katelyn, a young blogger and entrepreneur, known for her television and reality show appearances, is not only a talented artist but also a devoted mother who radiates positivity towards life. Through her blog, where she primarily shares content related to fashion, travel, love, and beauty. Katelyn's love for our designs and fashion philosophy brought us immense joy.

The Chocolate Collection, draws its color scheme inspiration from nature, blending various elements harmoniously.

With its heartwarming chocolate-inspired design and soft, plushy texture, this luxury collection complements those dreamy moments perfectly. Imagine cruising tree-lined rural avenues, bound for sweeping ocean views at unexpected moments, shady lemon groves and secret gardens; reminiscent of those cheery golden days, surreal and simple. Nothing satisfies quite like a delicious piece of chocolate, and now with Songmont's chocolate bags, you can carry that feeling with you no matter where you go.

From day to night, Songmont's bags are designed to meant to be carried through all the moments of your life and everywhere in between.