Meet the Chocolate Collection

Drawing inspiration from the chocolates, our Chocolate Collection offers a range of healing bag. We uses clean lines to partition geometric shapes, creating a soft, modern aesthetic combined with exquisite craftsmanship.Our bags feature a unique structural design that includes a sandwich-style partition structure with a large capacity. With these components, could allow you access your phone or other small things in one second.

We use only full-grain first/top layer cowhide leather that gets more lustrous with time.

We meticulously select premium first/top layer cowhide leather and subject it to over 30 crafting processes to maintain its natural texture. Skilled craftsmen manually emboss irregular tree grain patterns, ensuring clear pores, excellent breathability, and a fragrant, supple feel.

Made in vacuum, sturdy and delicate

The vacuum-plated hardware exhibits hardness and abrasion resistance approximately 25 times that of water-plated hardware, making it more eco-friendly in terms of water resources. Its deliberately antiqued surface resists fingerprint smudges.

Simple Design, combining craftsmanship and texture in Harmony

Our bags feature a sandwich-style compartmentalization, offering ample storage while allowing you to access your phone in seconds

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178cm / 60kg

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