You Deserve Better!

Vacuum Plating & Metallizing

After professional identification of hardness and wear resistance is about 25 times of water plating,
the cost is about 5 times of ordinary water plating, but more environmentally friendly and water -friendly.

Original hardware, extraction of mortise and tenon structure,
ingenious balance of one-second opening and closing and firmness

The Price of Light Luxury
The Standard of Luxury

Our leather: Full Grain Leather

Imported leather embryo, natural and full texture, soft and elastic, self-aroma, clear pores,
will be more and more glossy as time goes on.

Other Brands:

Half-grain cowhide

Light grinding and finishing on the surface, the texture is shallow, there are no traces of pores, and the elasticity is weak.

Two-layer cowhide / Polished cowhide

Artificial leather such as PVC, dull grain, no natural aroma

One Bag, Two Shapes, Four Ways to Carry

Could be carried by hand, on shoulder or cross body
The shape is soft and full, simple and modern, and changeable

Using magnetic buckle instead of zipper, which can be opened and closed in one second,
is safe and convenient. With inner patch pockets to store important items