Chocolate Collection

The first chocolate bag was born in 2020, inspired by the founder’s childhood fond memories of chocolate. The chocolate collection also perfectly interprets Songmont’s brand mission and vision:

"Carry Your Cure"

Jan 2020

Chocolate Bag 

The adventure began in the start of 2020. With the sweet and healing appearance, the chocolate bag has received great attention from everyone as soon as it was launched. It set a record of all sold out in one hour.

Jun 2020
Mini Chocolate

After the success of the first Chocolate Bag, people looked for a more wearable and cute size so we launched the design in the new mini size. Plus, with the summer approaching, the Mini Chocolate Bag in bright and refreshing colors were just the perfect selections for the season.

Dec 2020
Large Chocolate

We were thinking about bringing practicality and the popular Chocolate design together, and that was when the Large Chocolate Bag was born which was spacious enough to carry a 13-in laptop, and also stylish at the same time.

Mar 2021
Small Chocolate

The Small Chocolate Bag was a beautiful result of a special request from the designer's celebrity friends. It retains the colorfulness of the Mini Chocolate Bag, but has a larger capacity which is just right for daily needs.

Jul 2021
Chocolate AirPods Bag

The Chocolate AirPods Bag, also known as the Baby Chocolate Bag, is the smallest member of the chocolate family and the best home for AirPods.

Jul 2022
Chocolate Nugget

As the latest member of the Chocolate Collection, the Nugget Bag was born for the summer, specially designed with the top handle that makes it the perfect accessory for any stunning dress looks.

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